Spaghetteria Amsterdam

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Spaghetteria Amsterdam

An Italian Dinner

Recently I felt like pasta, so I decided to try the Spaghetteria Based in Olympiaplein.

As an Italian guy I am very picky regarding pasta but this time I was positively astonished.

The environment is really good, mostly young professional people and lovely wood tables.

When I checked the menu immediately come out a lot of memories from my childhood. Indeed my mind highlighted two kinds of Spaghetti very common in my Hometown ( Palermo), ” Spaghetti col nero di Seppia” and ”Spaghetti con le cozze”.

That is why I and my friend decided to order without thinking so much the above mentioned Spaghettis.



In Sicily after a great dinner we do like always end up with a sip of Limoncello and remarkably they have an amazing homemade one.

That was really a great toast

Overall it was a truly a fancy food experience and for whom want to eat a typical Italian Pasta, I warmly suggest it.

For further info this is the website.

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