The Pitaya Bar

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The Pitaya Bar

Smoothie Bowls

Hey Foodies! Today I want to tell you about the new Bown concept born lastly in Amsterdam city center.

After a sunny walk through the city we headed in their HQ and Immediately pink lovely flags caught our attentions.


We were welcomed by the two founders, 2 lovely guys from America and a great entrepreneur. soul.

They showed us their 1st quality and fresh exotic ingredients and of course a compelling overview about how the idea and concept turned up in their mind.

But let’s switch to the yummy part of the story! The tasting sections đŸ˜›

After a carefully scan of the menu ( we took more o less 15 mins to choose ahah) here our bowls!

They look so fancy, isnt? And I dont need to say that they were so yuuummyyyy!!

Since the good day we asked also for 2 further take away-bawls to enjoy outside in the beautiful Amsteradm canal,

And this the result:

So what to say it was an amazing fancy food experience and you can find them in the main Delivery Marketplace in Amsterdam.

For further info you can look up at their website

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See you in the next fancy article đŸ™‚

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