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Box Sociaal

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Hey foodies, This is Giuseppe. Hope your food experience is doing very well.

Today I want to tell you about an amazing new restaurant right in the city center of Amsterdam: Box Sociaal

I was warmly welcomed by the owner who explained me the concept and the idea:

ndeed, Box Sociaal identity is inspired by the name itself. An early 1900’s tradition that brings together the community over the finest local food and beverage.


Then we got the fancy Menus with really a lot of alternatives and as you know I am really bad to take a fast decision about food.

That is why I need the suggestions of the well-prepared waiter to make my decision.

My entrance has been a fresh fancy summer salad in order to start healthy


And here we go! let’s switch to the 1st plate: the #sociaal jerk Kitchen!


secret Aruban jerk marinade, fresh mango salsa, black bean and pineapple rice, charred sweet corn and a crisp plantain chip.

And trust me is very tasty and cooked ripe and ready


Last but not list, The restaurant has some lovely tables outside with a great amsterdam’s typical house view, where I decided to enjoy the beautiful day and ended up with an amazing dessert and a glass of full-body red wine glass




Well! also this time I had an excellent Fancy Food Experience and If you want to have my same experience do not hesitate to swing by Box Sociaal.

That’s all for today, for further info you can visit their website Here

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Stay tuned for the next fancy food experience 🙂

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