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Oaks Amsterdam

Breakfast – Brunch – Lunch

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Hi Amsterdam foodies,

Today I want to tell you about a new hot spot in Amsterdam Oost where you can have a truly fancy Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch together with your friends: OAKS Amsterdam

Oaks Amsterdam is specialized in making an excellent Health food.

The environment is very cozy and the design of the restaurant is very great with a style that reminds me of the best brunches in New York.

This is the amazing atmosphere that you can embrace immediately at the entrance:

After a warm welcome from the staff , we look forward to start our gourmet experience.

We really wanted to taste their Plant and vegan based smoothies and I have to admit that it was an excellent move!!

They were really extremely fresh and made from the best quality fruits, such as Mango, Avocado, Strawberry, Pineapple and many more!

After refreshing our minds, we went for the ” solid lunch” :D.

We benefited of a brief consultancy by the Oaks’s team and we ordered some incredible toast.

Here some pics ( just to make you envy :P)

1. Omelette Toast with perfect ripe bacon and a fresh salad

1.Avocado and Hummus toast

And my Favourite one, Poketoast it is just WOW!

Here just a general overview


And because we are quite foodies and we want to try as much as fancy food possible, we order our ”Icing on the cake”

Sweet potatos 🙂


I think this is enough food for a single article, so what to say. If you feel like a great and healthy brunch/lunch in Amsterdam I can strongly suggest you Oaks Amsterdam.


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At the next article fancy food community 😀


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