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Virtual Reality Wine Testing

Hi Amsterdam foodies,

Today I want to tell you about an Amazing Fancy Wine experience that I had at the Bart Fisk at De Pijp

I was invited in order to taste their new Israelian wine and their delicious bites.

Before keep reading you need to know that It was not a normal wine testing but a VR Wine testing. This means that for each wine and bites there were a Virtual Reality stories to enjoy in a special VR glasses connected with a youtube video.

I leave you all the wine rounds and bites. And trust me that was delicious and the Bark Fisk crew is super prepared to make you feel like you are on Israel

Flam Blanc 2017. Sauvignon Blanc en chardonnay – €32,50 

Sphera. White concept 2017. Riesling – €29,95                             

Domaine du Castel. Rosé du Castel 2016.  Merlot, cabernet franc, malbec – €28,95   

Galil Mountain 2017. Viognier  –  €17,95                                                                                                                

Galil Mountain Avivim 2017. Chardonnay en viognier – €19,95.                                                

Domaine du Castel. Petit Castel 2016. Cabernet franc, caberne sauvignon, merlot, petit verdot, malbec – € 39,95 

As tradition says, you cannot drink wine without a well-combined bite menu, below you can taste with your eyes

After an amazing Wine Field Trip with delicious bites, something is missing. Isn’t it? Yes you are right, we need a good digestive. That is why we got a well-thought Coffee-Martini :D.

That’s all foodies! I warmly suggest you to swing by BarFisk if you want to have my same fancy experience!

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